Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Ninth Wave

According to Carl Calleman's work on the Mayan Calendar which he sees as arriving at completion on 28th October 2011, today marks the start of the 234 day-long Ninth Wave, or Universal Underworld. This is the last step towards a transformation of human consciousness, rather than a physical event such as the Galactic alignment supported by other Mayanist scholars such as John Major Jenkins, who promotes the view that the calendar comes to an end on 21st December 2012.

As seen in the picture above, Mayan pyramids were built in nine steps before reaching the capstone; each of these steps, Calleman says, represents a stage (an underworld divided into seven days and six nights) in the exponential evolution of human consciousness. The explanation behind this and the maths involved is quite complex and I'm certainly not going to attempt a breakdown of it here, I just wanted to mark out this date for myself as I find this theory the more attractive of the various Mayanist scholar propositions. Calleman's predictions of paradigm shifts seem to be proving eerily correct as time unfolds, for example he was accurate with his forecast of the financial crash of November 2007, as he is now with his prediction of the revolutions currently seen sweeping across North Africa and beyond.

Chart of the Ninth Wave

Carl Calleman's sites

Much credit must also go to the late Ian Xel Lungold for his work and teachings

His video lectures were most helpful to me in an understanding of the Calendar.

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