Tuesday, 12 April 2011

From the Top Drawer XII - Treatment

'Need more anaesthetic...' ??
Here's another offering from the weird, wild and wacky London-based Treatment. It's their 1986 release called 'The World Of Treatment (Twenty All Time Greats)' which came complete with a cover parody of those old Decca LPs you can always see clogging up record boxes in charity shops and boot fairs these days (The World Of Val Doonican/The Bachelors/Rolf Harris/Harry Secombe etc).

I reckon that this is their best collection of songs, mainly studio recordings but some live, ranging from mutated pop like 'Restless' all the way through to ska and dub in 'Russian Reggae', with most tracks featuring caustic lyrics concerned with social critiques or reflections/refractions of psychedelic minds trapped in self-created turmoil. Musically very trippy and well performed with a swirling full-on sound production. An hour of tunes for that special state of mind...

Ripped from an original cassette @320 kbps as two side-long tracks, get it HERE

There's a Treatment website which seems to be under construction here
as well as this page


  1. nice post mate... i had a few treatment tapes(long lost) and still have a few lps... much underrated i think. Apparently their last recording may get a release thru cherry red, who recently bought up delerium. xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by DH, and nice blog yerself - seems like we have some musical tastes in common. Great video uploads as well, cheers.
    Ta for the news about the Treatment release, I've got some more of their stuff to post later.

  3. Thanks to Devotional Hooligan for directing me here! Great blog - following you now ;)

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  5. Cheers pink, DH has a great blog as well, glad you found your way here.
    Feel free to spread the word...

  6. Already following the Hooligan's blog, cheers - love it..and I certainly will spread the word, don't you worry 'bout that B-)