Thursday, 13 October 2011

From the Top Drawer XXV - Uncle Ian

I know little about this band other than having seen them play once at the old Club Dog when it was held in Wood Green, North London, many moons ago and I must have been sufficiently impressed to buy this 1986 tape 'Going Ape In The Optics Factory' afterwards.
So the info here will be a cut-and-paste job...

From their MySpace page -
'Mark Francombe ex-guitarist with "Cranes" says: UNCLE IAN was my second EVER band. We started at school and were named after a hated geography teacher who we nicked-named Uncle Ian. It was basically always myself and Nick Elborough. It started as a joke, mucking about with tape recorders and old electric organs. We built odd circuits, and bits of synths, and at one stage had amassed quite an impressive array of analog oddities and modified er... things. (continued below)

After a while we started to incorporate video, often using snips and cuts from horror films, we became a kind of multimedia trash kitch thing. Although we recorded almost everything we did (badly) we never released much, mainly because we never wanted it to become too serious, cos were maybe afraid that that would kill the fun.'

(This is the only tape I have that features three sides...)
As usual ripped from an original cassette @320kbps as two side-long tracks.
Please scrutinize the tape artwork for track listings and re-assemble to taste.

Download it HERE

Click on artwork for larger version

Two tracks from the infamous Hornpipe gig in Portsmouth on November the 9th, 1984.


  1. Thanks for uploading, taking an interest and for the kind comments. There is more info on Uncle Ian here:
    Old and new music and downloads here:
    and Mark Francombe's stuff can be found here:

    Nick recently played a short revival set as Uncle Ian at his brother's Birthday Festival with the help of two old school friends Glyn and Pete. With only one rehearsal the results were varied! but here it is anyway:
    We might try and repeat the experience some time in 2016 when Mark is over from Norway - who knows!

  2. Cheers Nick - I appreciate your very welcome feedback and info.