Thursday, 24 November 2011

From the Top Drawer XXVIII - The Ullulators

A second outing on this blog to satisfy requests for more from the very popular Ullulators.

 Going beyond...

The second cassette release 'Beyond The Gates Of Ull' arrived in 1986 and provided another helping of psychedelic spacerock, ambient synth explorations, Holger Czukay-style ethnic samples and dub with lashings of rocking guitar.
(Check out the first, 'Share A Clam', & more info on the band HERE)

- Beyond The Gates Of Ull  -
Side One : Ul Ul Ul He / Simply Conscious Dub / Thump The Hampster / The Emerald Table Of Hermes Trisamagistus / Pineapple People / Whales In The Grass / War Apes / Unninurnies / I Can Smell Nirvana
Side Two : Improbable Muziks / Edilhe / Sloshy Sausages / Living In A Nice Hedge / Shringara / Fish Trunks / Brooce Babbling In The Undergrowth (live@Torpedo Town 1986) / Cluck-Cluck-Oi

Ripped from an original tape as two side-long tracks @320kbps
Get it HERE

Live at Treworgy Tree Fayre 1989


  1. Grabbed this one yesterday and enjoyed it on the way to work today.....Nice One :-)

  2. Wow, thanks a million for this, I've been hunting for many years to find a full version of this classic tape. The remasters of this are only just around the corner too so happy dayz :)
    Great site, so glad to have stumbled upon.

  3. No worries anon, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.
    I'll be posting my own rip of 'Monads Of Mangonia' soon, and as you say those remasters are coming on CD if/when Gavin gets his act together : )

  4. >Gobbledygook - yes I'm checking Gavin's facebook page fairly regularly , I reckon it would be quite a task to try to clean up those old recordings but sure it will be worth it . I think there was even talk of re forming the band but we live in hope ...!