Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXI - Mutagen

I've been trying to do my own rip of Mutagen's album 'Inner Sense' for quite a while now, but technical difficulties have prevented me from achieving a tape rip that comes up to standard for upload. The combination of an ageing cassette and my ageing tape deck just hasn't worked and the rips have sounded muffled and indistinct, maybe due to the oxide coming away from the tape. Young people today don't know what we used to have to put up with! Crisp digital copies of easily transferable music with no quality degradation or danger of getting mangled due to dirty pinchwheels and dodgy transport mechanisms are taken for granted in the 21st Century, but this wasn't always the case 20 or more years ago :-)

Anyway the good folks from Mutagen have been in touch to tell me that they have made available two albums on Bandcamp for free - 'Shrine In Your Mind' from 1992 (already posted HERE) and 'Inner Sense' itself from 1993.

You are invited to go to http://mutagen.bandcamp.com/ and download the album files from there.
Also please go to their Facebook page and leave a comment, picture or story if you have any...
Many thanks to the band.

Here's a the first part of a live set which the band performed in Winchester in 1992 -


  1. Excellent, thanks for posting - will check both albums out as I missed out on these guys back in the day :-)

  2. Cheers pOoTer - all credit to Mutagen.

  3. and a dollop of credit for Gobbledygook for giving us the kick required to get it together to upload or tunes ! thanks x

  4. Thanks for this link, I was at the Winchester party. It brings back some vague memories. Great site, keep up the good work dude

  5. @Anon Jan 20
    Thank you matey, still got a bit of mileage left in me...

  6. Happy Brighton memories, remember the reform club and the zap with eat static, forgotten the rest, though there was plenty of it....