Wednesday, 20 June 2012

From the Top Drawer XL - The Oroonies

In celebration of the Summer Solstice here is the last of my collection of tapes released by the Oroonies. This one is called 'The Whale And The Wind', and was released sometime around the turn of the 1990s. The band released at least one tape under the name of the Cheapsuit Oroonies, more of an acoustic affair, but I'm afraid I don't have that to share.

The Oroonies went on to record an album for ex-Hawkwind bassist Dave Anderson's Demi Monde label called 'Of Hoof And Horn' in 1992. This appeared on vinyl (DMLP 1027) and is well worth hunting down, although stylistically the band had left their wild pagan-inspired psychedelia behind to some degree and moved more towards world and Balkan influenced music. The record contains a new version of 'The White Owl And The Silence', the original of which can be heard on this tape.

Tracklisting as above. 

Side Firstly contains upfront rocking material such as 'A Scary Hole' and the haunting mystical themes of 'The White Owl And The Silence', while side Secondly recalls the meditational pastures explored on previous releases such as 'Exalt The Horn' - all brilliantly conceived and performed in the band's unique style.
 Download a copy HERE

 @ Club Dog 14th October 1988

Preview for the curious...

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  1. Once again good sir you've taken me back to a multicoloured world of foolishness and microdots that very little compares to. Ever tried aMT? Do, seriously, god it's good.

  2. I can finally now listen to this. Wow. Thank you!

  3. aMT?...err, not that I can recall, but thanks for the suggestion anyway Doc.

    Anon, pin back yer lugholes and dive into the womb of Mother Earth #->

  4. yas! been waiting for this one...

  5. Greetings bunkum, hope it was worth the wait.