Sunday, 3 June 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXIX - Julian Bream And His Freshwater Stream

How about a steaming hot cup of fish tea? So refreshing...
No? Just as well, 'cos it's pretty hard to digitize as a physible (heard of those yet? - 'A digital file containing instructions that enable a 3D printer to create a physical object'). Guess you'll have to listen to the sounds supplied by Julian Bream And His Freshwater Stream instead.

One or more of these men may admit to having had something to do with this tape one day...

Julian Bream (no relation to the eminent British classical guitarist and lutenist of the same name) was an outfit related in strange and interesting ways to the team who ran Club Dog in London during the 1980s/1990s and later Megadog, who spread their madness nationwide in the UK and even internationally in the following years. The band made rare appearances on the bill at (usually) their own events, and elsewhere when the main Dog was sleeping it off in his kennel.

A rare sighting in public

Playing an unimaginable racket a hard-to-describe style of mutant psychedelic jazz/blues/rock with probably several nods and hand gestures towards Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, they puzzled and offended more than a few punters with their barely concealed disdain for their audiences' safety or sanity (as evidenced by tracks like 'Are We Annoying You Yet?), modern life in general, and domestic cats.

I'm not sure if the band ever produced more than the one tape we have here - and maybe it was for the best...LOL (No, they're really good actually)

I'm not writing out all the track names here, just click on the artwork for larger versions that you can actually read.

Ripped @320kbps from an original cassette as two side-long tracks
Get a copy HERE if you think yer hard enough.

(Thank God it's wearing off at last...)


  1. always hard enuff(LOL)& really looking fwd to this one GG//cheers xx

  2. No worries DH - brave man, hehe.

  3. No problem with the link for me Matthew.
    Have another go at it...

  4. Aye, working now - must have been my internet ran out of maggots.


    i'm the drummer. Phil
    Adam Blake played bass guitar, but played guitar in (the treatment, dusy springfield, cornershop) i think and is currently playing in (Errol Lintons Blues vibe) now
    mike played guitar sassan? or Saturn..i thnk hes a DJ.
    hehe and thats all i remember.

    1. Hi Phil, glad it gave you a laugh to see the tape posted here.
      Adam Blake also plays/was playing (don't know if they're still going?) in Lunar Dunes, more of a contemporary psychedelic band who were getting good press recently.
      I stay in touch with Michael and see him quite often as he lives nearby, in fact he's the one who's lent me a lot of the tapes here.
      Take care man ;-)

  6. oops adam blake played for sandy shaw not dusty springfield.
    Please say hi to Mike.I havn't seen him since his book binding days.

  7. Hey...just seen this, I'm Steve, and was the other guitar player....haven't seen/thought about this in a while

  8. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by. A fishy blast from the past, eh?