Tuesday, 23 October 2012

From the Top Drawer XLIV - Vibrasonic

For this outing from the Top Drawer there's a double treat in store for fans of classic 1960s style garage/psych/pop and surf music.

Based in the Brighton, UK area Vibrasonic were inspired by their love of such US acts as The Electric Prunes, The Seeds, The Misunderstood, Love and The 13th Floor Elevators as well as UK psychsters like The Smoke, Blossom Toes and Dantalian's Chariot. The core of the band was based around songwriters, home recording enthusiasts and multi-instrumentalists Victor K. Fitch aka Prof. Vic Vibrato (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion) and Simon Paul Jones aka Dr. Tremolo Jones (guitar, sitar, bass, drums). The use of authentic vintage equipment was an important ingredient in their tasty sonic brew.

After issuing several singles in the early 1990s, they released their first full-length album in 1995 on Yep! Records, simply titled 'Vibrasonic'. The two main men were joined by friends guesting on various additional instrumentations to add to the already multicoloured soundstage.

Vibrasonic (1995)
Tracks: The Sea Of Stars/Don't Leave Me Tired/Tijuana Marijuana/The Perpetual Motion Machine/All That Matters./Cloudburst/The Twango/The Unloved Insane/The Surfin' Secret Agent A Go-Go/Kingsley J

Ripped @320 kbps
Light the incense, turn on that lava lamp and dig it HERE

Soon afterwards another single was released called "Into Sunshine", as well as a second album on Yep! in 1997, 'Instrumental Vibrations'. The latter was a purely instrumental affair, heavily influenced by the band's other interests in surfing sounds and twangtastic reverb, and featured a mean version of 'If I Were A Rich Man' from Fiddler On The Roof.

Instrumental Vibrations (1997)
Tracks: Aquabeat/Ali Baba/Sweeney Todd/Latin Vibrations/If I Were A Rich Man/Blue Tremolo/Latin Reprise/The Vibratremble/Blast Off To Splash Down/Night Train

Ripped @320 kbps
Get sand between your toes and groove on it HERE

Live @ The Garage, London 28.03.1995

Many thanks to Prof. Vic Vibrato for the files and permission to post.

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  1. Thanx for these,used to have the CDs,lost them a few years ago,not been able to find 'em anywhere!

    1. Yer very welcome Kozmik.A - glad to be of assistance.