Saturday, 9 February 2013

From the Top Drawer XLVII - The Ullulators

This almost totally electronic 1994 studio release from the Ullulators sees them exploring the world of 1990s dance culture with excursions into ambient techno/trance, trip-hop, samples and loops and what would later come to be known as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).

Diehard fans of their earlier, guitar-based organic style and those likely to be offended by any extended series of repetitive beats may be disappointed by the changes, but anyone who has ears to listen will be rewarded by some finely crafted tunes which still retain the Ullulators' signature vision of playful spacy experimentation topped with world music overtones...

Ripped from an original cassette as two side-long tracks @320kbps - tracklisting as above.
Get a copy HERE


  1. Wow, thank you! I didn't know this existed. I've originals of the first 3 by The Ullulators, so this is one I'll need to add to the list!

    1. Hope you enjoy this as much as the first three - it is a lot different, though.

  2. You must have heard the news? (From Gavin) - in reply I asked him about this album...kismet, cheers!

    As for Ullulators...:
    Yes... when I have finished this album I will finish the CD remaster.. it will be a double.. or triple(more like!) CD pack.. in a 'digipack' (hate jewel cases.. extra cost will be worth it!) with all original artwork in the booklet.. as well as a brand new cover. I will put a 'concise' history and lot's of photo's in the booklet. It will MAINLY be original mixes taken from the original masters..cleaned up and mastered using 'proper posh gear'!! There may be 1 or 2 I will 'remix' from original stems... but the original mixes had a good vibe and many effects that are not currently replicate-able... I can do wonders with noise reduction / audio restoration software tho... you ewill not believe your ears. They may be one or 2 'previously unreleased' tracks too. I have had to buy some old tape decks to get the masters played off to digital. This all takes so long (..Is taking so long!) because I am a full time single dad!!!... I plan on suffering the intrusions of an Au pair (no jokes please!!) from Jan in order to get more time in the studio... expect a 'FINAL' release date of spring next year.. assuming we are all here!! I also have all the masters from tyhe tapes that followed in the 90's.. these will not be included in the CD comp.. only the 1st three. I will release those afterward if there is demand. I have a little publishing 'situation' to sort with these tracks... but it will be easy... just involves money!! (For me to pay out!!). I will not charge silly money for CD's... But please appreciate that a triple CD Digipack with full colour book is not cheap... I will do 2000... and only press more if there is similar demand.. I would be amazed if there was... but then I am always amazed!!! Please fire away with any questions... i AM here.. just busy ;`) Peace. Gavin.

  3. Yeah thanks for that Matthew. Promises, promises eh? Seems like the G. man needs the occasional nudge but I'm sure he'll come through with the goods in the end.

  4. ah nice mate, i'd also missed this one & can't wait to wrap me lugs around it!!! cheers xx

  5. thanx for this, man......
    ................................don't know if "requests" are rudeness example :-/, but from a lot of time i would like to listen to this stuff:

    Here And Now - UFOasis
    Gorky's Zygotic Mynci stuff
    ME tapes
    Nukli tapes
    Pan tapes
    Poisoned Electrick Head stuff
    Praise Space Electric - DOODAH'S tape, S/T lp, MUSHROOM JAZZ 12"
    Reefus Moons tapes
    Sons Of Selina stuff
    Wobble Jaggle Jiggle tapes
    Wooden Baby tapes

    do you have something of these ?
    it's good stuff?
    all the best for you

    the unknown from italy

    1. Requests are not rude at all, if you don't mind being a bit disappointed this time!
      This is because from your list I only have two Wooden Baby tapes and I have already posted them on the blog.

      Try Devotional Hooligan's blog and do a search -

      Cheers from the UK.

    2. I have 90% of those - but still on cassette...and no means to get them into digital.

    3. I use a cassette deck going directly into my PC soundcard via phono leads - analogue to digital.

      I record the audio from the tape via the PC/soundcard into Sound Forge. Later I do a bit of editing on the files created - I optimize the overall volume to the best level(0db) and do a bit of top/tailing on the start and end of the audio, then maybe shorten any long gaps between tracks. In Sound Forge I finally convert the .wav files to 320kbps .mp3
      That's it.

    4. Cheers - BTW I found the Hiraethog cassette in digital format!

    5. Matthew, you've got a perfect opportunity to start your own blog now ;-)

  6. thanks so much, mr duster.
    the opening track blew my bonce off!!
    i really appreciate your fantastic uploads :)
    i'm also enjoying this in italy.
    please keep up your fantastic work, because we all appreciate it loads.

    1. Happy to hear from you and thanks for the kind words - good to hear that my blog is read in Italy.

  7. great stuff sir! fantastic blog. keep it going. takes my head back to another place and time. do you have the yet-nam-lai tape? cheers, windwizard

  8. Thanks for the kind feedback windwizard.
    I do have the tape in question but won't be posting it for a while as I like to rotate the artists and bands. Please keep checking back occasionally.