Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lights in a Fat City live at Club Dog, London 1990

'Not sure who filmed this but this video captures fab didgeridoo-based combo Lights in a Fat City (Stephen Kent and Eddy Sayer) in full swing at Club Dog. 2nd didgeridoo player Cyrung, who later co-founded Tribal Drift features in this performance. He was with the band for about a year in 1990. Cobbled together from a rough one-camera shoot with some sequences re-used along with some atmospheric shots from the same night inserted to fill the space where the camera was pointing at the floor! Sound is as recorded from the camera mic, glitches and all. The Robey just like we remember it!'

Thanks to Michael Dog who uploaded this.
If you fancy some more of the same, click HERE for the first tape release from LIAFC, then still known as Mandorla Mu.

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