Monday, 8 July 2013

Rick Simpson - Darkcity Phoenix Tears Rising

'Who is Rick Simpson?
Rick Simpson rediscovered a way of cannabis oils for the treatment of cancer. He has dedicated more than a decade of his life to informing the world of this incredible medicine.

More Informations:

By making this campaign successful, you will be helping Rick Simpson to fulfil his dream of producing high quality, healing cannabis oil to give to those who need it and to supplying seeds worldwide in a NON-PROFIT environment without fear of legal retribution.

Campaign Goals
The aim of this Campaign is to finance Rick Simpson in creating a cannabis seed bank of medical cannabis strains recommended for the production of RSO and a cannabis association to allow rick to legally produce RSO and supply RSO treatment to those who need it most.

Why a Seedbank?
Rick Simpson wants to provide the correct medical cannabis seeds of selected strains to anyone who is looking to treat their severe medical ailments with RSO. He says the only way to know you're getting the best produce, is to make it yourself.

Why Spain?
Because Spain has quite a sensible approach to the medical cannabis issue in which it allows private non profit associations to provide its members with cannabis for medical or even recreational use.'
Stage 1 info & Donate - Phoenixtears Compassion Club

If you haven't seen Rick's film 'Run From The Cure' go HERE 


  1. ohhh i didn't know about this that cannabis seeds oils are use for the treatment of the cancer and this cannabis seeds are really very demanding i heard about this seed but i didn't no its medical quality this seeds are really good........

  2. How to make Rick Simpson's oil (RSO)

    Use the best quality indica strain you can get.

  3. Name a New Medical Cannabis strain after a loved one by donating to The Dark City Phoenix Tears Compassion Club

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