Saturday, 5 February 2011

From the Top Drawer IV - Vane

Before there was Webcore or Ring Of Roses, and before there was Lapwing or The New Apes, there was...Vane.

Formed in Chelmsford, Essex and active between 1981-83, I don't know a lot about their history other than the fact that they certainly played in Chelmsford and in London at the usual 'underground' venues of the time, and played at the Stonehenge Festival in 1982 (I first heard about them from some friends who had seen them play there and been mightily impressed - I never did get to see them, shame...). The best source of info that I can find about the band online comes from an interview with keyboard/synth player Paul Chousmer at Aural Innovations.

Great gothic/Bowie-tinged vocals with acid-dipped lyrics backed by the typical flanged guitars of the period, inventive synth playing and accomplished drumming.
Here's their self-titled tape of recordings distributed by A Real Kavoom. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to publish other than the tape cover.
Only 5 tracks, shame there aren't more (on this tape anyway - I shall be posting a couple of live sets in due course).

Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks -
Side One - Wake Me / Glad Again
Side Two - One Too / Dumb, Dumb, Dumb / God Likes Us

Download HERE

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