Thursday, 24 November 2011

From the Top Drawer XXVIII - The Ullulators

A second outing on this blog to satisfy requests for more from the very popular Ullulators.

 Going beyond...

The second cassette release 'Beyond The Gates Of Ull' arrived in 1986 and provided another helping of psychedelic spacerock, ambient synth explorations, Holger Czukay-style ethnic samples and dub with lashings of rocking guitar.
(Check out the first, 'Share A Clam', & more info on the band HERE)

- Beyond The Gates Of Ull  -
Side One : Ul Ul Ul He / Simply Conscious Dub / Thump The Hampster / The Emerald Table Of Hermes Trisamagistus / Pineapple People / Whales In The Grass / War Apes / Unninurnies / I Can Smell Nirvana
Side Two : Improbable Muziks / Edilhe / Sloshy Sausages / Living In A Nice Hedge / Shringara / Fish Trunks / Brooce Babbling In The Undergrowth (live@Torpedo Town 1986) / Cluck-Cluck-Oi

Ripped from an original tape as two side-long tracks @320kbps
Get it HERE

Live at Treworgy Tree Fayre 1989

Monday, 14 November 2011

From the Top Drawer XXVII - The Rhythmites

Roots reggae/dub, and associated offshoot variations, styles & philosophies had a considerable influence on many bands of the UK underground scene covered on this blog, and even if that influence on the music of those bands was not that obviously evident, the values and consciousness expressed by reggae artists were very likely taken on board. Certainly the experimentation of dub techniques developed in Jamaica in the 1970s have had a huge impact on the way attitudes towards studio production and mixing have evolved since then, particularly in electronic dance music.

Here to fill a gap on the reggae front is a very tight live set from the West Country-based Rhythmites. Formed in the late 1980s and here captured playing at the Sir George Robey at Finsbury Park, London as guests of Club Dog, this is a very decent audience recording of this conscious roots band getting the crowd skanking to the max, the resulting tape being sold through the merchandising outlets of the Woofsters.

No track titles available for this set, but as usual ripped @320kbps and divided into two parts.
- Get it HERE -

Live at the Frome Festival 1997 - not great quality but nice performance.

The Rhythmites are alive and well and playing today. After a break from 2000-2007 they reformed to play a few festivals. In May 2009 they started writing and recorded the album 'Stand Strong' released in May 2010.

Thanks to BJ for the lend of the tape.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Are You Ready?

  • Are you ready to start your education as to why governments are perpetrating fraud and misrepresentation on you? 
  • Why are you being required to pay 'income' taxes and pay for ludicrous infringements of alleged 'statutes' (victimless nebulous 'offences') when you are not employed by the government and therefore not liable? 
  • Why are governments demanding money from you when you yourself have created the wealth of the nation through the very act of possessing a birth certificate which created a trust with the government who are supposed to be serving us, the people, in their capacity of trustees?
  • Do you know that your signature on a piece of paper is equal to cash and any credit agreement that you think you have with a bank has actually been paid with the signature on that agreement?
  • How to go to court (at least to start with) and be the undisputed ruler of that court without employing any lawyers. Later on learn how to avoid going to court altogether.

Dean Clifford is living outside of 'Their Law' - Part 1 of 6 
Watch the whole series of 6 x 6 part videos on YouTube - this is where to start.

All this and more in the wonderful world of 'Commerce'. Dean Clifford starts a series of videos here, and displays his hard-won knowledge as to how to escape from the illusion that anyone has power over you unless you want them to. Some of the most important info that I've ever come across. (Audio is not great as the video was not initially planned to be for the public.)