Friday, 27 January 2012

2012 - Are you ready for DMT secretion?

Caroline Taylor: Do you feel that endogenous DMT could have a role to play in some future scenario, involving mass major trauma of some kind? This would be followed, potentially, of course, by a sudden evolution of consciousness to a happier state, for some/all of our species? In other words, a biologically-based eschaton? Such a scenario could be the result of some major environmental collapse of course - or some harder to imagine one, involving the final timewave "concresence" in 2012? In either case, do you agree with my feeling that endogenous DMT could, figuratively speaking, be waiting in the wings right now for its star performance, as a vehicle of mass transcendence, or purveyor of large amounts of human (and animal?) consciousness to some other dimension? (I hesitate to say "higher", for it could also be called "deeper", or "fuller.") In any case, the pineal gland (body) could be both the "port" of this vehicle, and possibly a vital "future" organ.
Rick Strassman: I have been nursing a theory along these lines for some time. Briefly, that the N-methylating enzyme responsible for DMT production turns on in everyone across the planet at the same time, thus ushering in the eschaton, messianic age, non-corporeal consciousness, or what have you. This could take place any number of ways; one way is a common cold virus gets a bit of DNA implanted into it that is inserted into all of us, which is programmed to turn on at some specific time, unleashing the N-methylating enzyme effects. This time would be an astrologically determined event, such as solar flare, particular constellation alignment, etc.

Monday, 23 January 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXII - Ozric Tentacles

I'm feeling lazy after having to re-post all my links so no new rip this time, but here's one that I did some time ago and which has been knocking around on eMule for a while.
It's my own recording from an FM stereo tuner onto a TDK chrome cassette in September 1992.

The Ozrics were invited to take part in the 'In The City' Music Convention in Manchester that month and played a set at Manchester University on Monday evening the 14th September 1992. Mark Goodier's show on BBC Radio One was covering many of the bands involved including the Ozrics, and it's his voice that introduces them. Mark Radcliffe (then hosting his own weekly hour-long garage punk and psychedelia show 'Out On Blue Six') was briefly interviewed about his support for the band and features in a short clip also included in the archive.

 - Erpland
 - White Rhino Tea
 - Dots Intro/Dissolution (The Clouds Disperse)
 - Kickmuck

Ripped as one mp3 at 320kbps for your delectation.
Ed's guitar is a bit low in the mix to start with, but then gets a better deal as the first track gets underway, and there's quite a bit of FM compression overkill before the sound settles down. Enjoy this gem from when the band were getting their first serious media coverage in the UK. Yes, they were actually quite fashionable media darlings for a while and had regular reviews and articles written about them!
It's a shame there isn't more, but this is all that was broadcast that night.
Dedicated to Roly.

Download HERE

 (All pictures taken from Melody Maker issues published in 1993)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New hosting for music files

Thanks to the MegaUpload shutdown, I'm switching hosting of the music files on the blog to MediaFire to see how it works out with them. Uploading the files and posting of the new links may take a while so please be patient if what you want isn't yet available.

UPDATE 22.01.2012 - all links should be live and working again now

Friday, 20 January 2012

Megaupload destroyed by US Government

Anyone who's tried to download any archive files in the last day via a link from this blog to the hosting service Megaupload where I uploaded them will find that they are now inaccessible. I don't know if they will ever be available for download from this host again - it seems extremely unlikely having read the news -
US government hits Megaupload with mega piracy indictment

Yeah well thanks United States Corporation (for that's what it is, along with most 'countries' worldwide - they are no more than corporations out to do business, which have conned their 'citizens' into believing that they have control over them through an accident of birth (certificate) and a trust contract which they have levied upon them for better or worse), what the hell makes you think that you can shut down any internet sharing system that operates worldwide and is outside your jurisdiction? Oh right yes, now you think that you can abduct anyone from anywhere around the world (and even kill your own citizens illegally with impunity) and keep them prisoner for an unlimited time. It's a case of one corporation defending another (in this case mainly the Holly Wood propaganda machine).

'Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.' - Benito Mussolini (as he knew very well)

Apologies to anyone who was hoping to download any files via this blog, files made from cassettes that I bought myself, which have never been released commercially and about which I have often had positive encouragement from the artists themselves regarding their distribution online. So now I shall have to look around for a new host if I want to reupload them and post new links, this may take a while so patience please. MU always struck me as one of the better hosting services out there as far as their free accounts, waiting times to download and speed of delivery, good luck to 'em if they choose to fight back.
(Many of the albums posted here are also floating around on eMule if anyone uses that network.)

Anonymous hits back...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXI - Mutagen

I've been trying to do my own rip of Mutagen's album 'Inner Sense' for quite a while now, but technical difficulties have prevented me from achieving a tape rip that comes up to standard for upload. The combination of an ageing cassette and my ageing tape deck just hasn't worked and the rips have sounded muffled and indistinct, maybe due to the oxide coming away from the tape. Young people today don't know what we used to have to put up with! Crisp digital copies of easily transferable music with no quality degradation or danger of getting mangled due to dirty pinchwheels and dodgy transport mechanisms are taken for granted in the 21st Century, but this wasn't always the case 20 or more years ago :-)

Anyway the good folks from Mutagen have been in touch to tell me that they have made available two albums on Bandcamp for free - 'Shrine In Your Mind' from 1992 (already posted HERE) and 'Inner Sense' itself from 1993.

You are invited to go to and download the album files from there.
Also please go to their Facebook page and leave a comment, picture or story if you have any...
Many thanks to the band.

Here's a the first part of a live set which the band performed in Winchester in 1992 -