Thursday, 28 November 2013

From the Top Drawer LVIII - KarmaKanix

There's not too much info online about the KarmaKanix, certainly not much more than when I posted their three track cassette HERE so go there to pick up that particular selection and read about their history.

 Earlier in 2013 I had some news that their bassplayer Gary Subassa (Subs) is now playing with Steffe Sharpstrings and Steve Cassidy in 'Sentient', not sure whether this is still the case. Explore the links to hear some info/new music from these guys.

Here we have a gig recorded at Club Dog at The George Robey in Finsbury Park, London dated 6th October 1989, presumably taped from the back of the main room straight onto a cassette deck using two PZM microphones taped high on the wall above the audience. Tape used was a TDK SA90 and quality is very good in my opinion. Just short of an hour's worth of great psoundz for your amusement (tape cut/join at 47m 27secs to accomodate tape flip).

Ripped from the original cassette recording @320kbps.