Sunday, 16 February 2014

From the Top Drawer LX - Children Of The Bong

'Unlike the other acts on the Planet Dog roster, Children Of The Bong were never a part of the festival scene. Instead they met at Harrow college, where they found refuge in a 16-track studio. Discovering acid house in the late 80's made them put down the guitar. However, they were never fans of handbag house and its rigid 4/4 rhythm, they took their influences mainly from hip-hop and dub, to give their music a more human feel.

"We heard this Tibetan music and it had a track on it called 'Children Of The Bong'. We thought why not call ourselves this. But the meaning came afterwards. It's about a more open way of thinking. Music for music's sake".'  Discogs
These Children have appeared on this blog before with some introductory blurb, so I won't repeat myself with any more of that apart from posting the above text.

This particular item seems to be another demo tape that must have been recorded before their album 'Sirius Sounds' was released, and indeed it features some work-in-progress versions of some of the tunes featured on that album, along with others which as far as I know (?) have never been available before.
Recommended to folks who like electro, dub and ambient sounds...

Tracklisting -
Side One: Symbol-I/Underwater Dub/Inflight Trance/Cosmic Flash/Breathe
Side Two: Life On Planet Earth/U.V.F. (Ultra Violet Frequencies)/Symbiotic/Interface Reality/Ambient Suicide (Half An Ounce Later)

As per usual, ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Download it HERE

If you fancy buying one of their official releases, please visit Planet Dog Records HERE where Michael might have a few copies left.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

here and now live 1978 floating free!

here and now live 1978 floating free! from Kev on Myspace.
 'Classic live here and now filmed by Southampton Uni film soc. many years ago...'