Sunday, 22 February 2015

From the Top Drawer LXI - Timeshard

Back with the excellent Timeshard again. (Go HERE if they're new to you.)
The title is self-explanatory - a 1996 collection of recordings of this eclectic psychedelic electronic 3-piece outfit on stage, possibly at Megadog or at their own events, not sure.

 Not giving away too much on the tape...

Side One:
Cosmic Carrot/25th Century/Reality Helmet/Zero (version 1)/Zero (version 2)

Side Two:
Psionic Lattice/Photon/God Sez No To Tomorrow/X-Ray Ears/Voodoo Chronometer

Round about 80 minutes' worth of music...ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks

Download HERE

(My scans of the cover do not do justice to the full-on pinky-orange day-glo of the original, but it seems that colours that vibrant don't scan very well!)

TimeShard - 'Arzach (Photon)'