Friday, 29 July 2011

From the Top Drawer XX - The Oroonies

With panpipes sounding and cloven hooves raking the turf, the Oroonies headed straight for rustic Arcadia to spawn their third and possibly most mysterious album 'Exalt The Horn', one which could certainly give Psychic TV and most other magickal musical ritualists a run for their money. Didgeridoos, horns, hand percussion, bells, flutes, and eldritch electronic collages combine with more traditional stringed instrumentation to conjure up aural descriptions of fecund pagan revelry in archaic woodland groves.

In anticipation of the Bacchanalian Feast, the words of Aleister Crowley come to mind - "To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, and be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, O man! Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”

Once again the band did not disappoint with their choice of imaginative track titles -

Soide Oine : Exalt The Horn / Oinkoi / The Raising And The Subsequent Plunging Of The Lance Of The Fisher King (From The Film The Royal Martyr) / October 23rd / Nursery Thyme

Soide Twoi : Emperor Norton's Revenge / Eclipse Celipse / Guinea Fowl (Queen Eats Rat) / I Fondled The U Bend With A Rubber Glove / Inbetweenit / Shadwok / Dance Of The Deekshitars / Derraneanig

Ripped from an original cassette as two side-long tracks @320kbps
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The Great God Pan (O Mighty One!) must have been suitably impressed with this tribute.
'Ex nihilo nihil fit...'

Saturday, 16 July 2011

From the Top Drawer XIX - Thunderdogs

Maybe best remembered (or at least reaching their largest audience) as the house band for Circus Archaos during their Metal Clown production era, the Thunderdogs were birthed in the South London squatting scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Members included musicians who had already cut their performing teeth playing in other free festival/underground bands such as Ozric Tentacles, Ullulators, Webcore, Ring Of Roses & Moksha, and were to move on to play in their turn with the Ozrics, Spannerman, Dream Machine and others...

The band played driving melodic rock largely dominated by Tony's strong vocals and Dan Carpenter's sax playing, and would stretch the songs out to improvise instrumental jams according to the situation, occasionally dipping into spacerock territory where Seaweed's synths would come to the foreground. In 1991 they released both a 12" single, 'Just After Sunrise' and a full-length album, 'Thundermental' recorded at Dave Anderson's Foel Studios in Wales, and released on their own Doctor Dog Records.
The name of the band apparently came from the 1981 comic book drawn by Hunt Emerson, who contributed a hilarious cartoon of the band for the album sleeve of 'Thundermental'.

I caught the band playing atop a motorised high-rise platform as part of the Archaos show, when the not just Big, but gigantic, Top was set up next to Battersea Power Station for a month in late 1991, not long after Archaos had run into big financial problems when their main tent was destroyed by high winds in Dublin, leading to the circus' eventual demise, and (I'm guessing) the breakup of the band as well...

Side One : Name Of The Law / Sabotage / Bowler / I Don't Want The World
Side Two : Socket-Oomi / Jeremia / Blowing Away / Just After Sunrise

Ripped @320kbps from an original cassette as two side-long tracks
(slight glitch at start of Side One)
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(Some pics nicked from the Archaos Archive)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business

Mike Adams of Natural News writes...
'As I've written about many times before, the cancer industry with all of its research, campaigns, and fundraising activities is really nothing more than a giant, corrupt business venture. As crazy as it might sound to some, the point of the cancer industry is not really to cure cancer -- it is to keep raising money for the alleged, and never-ending, "search for the cure." And the hard-hitting documentary Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business exposes all this as director Eric Mercola tracks the 14-year battle of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski -- the man responsible for creating the all-natural, non-toxic cancer cure featured in the film -- to protect his unique protocol from being stolen by the government and Big Pharma, and to defend his freedom to treat cancer patients with unconventional methods.'
 More info at Natural News

Saturday, 2 July 2011

From the Top Drawer XVIII - Nodens Ictus

Nodens Ictus was (still is?) a side project of Ozric Tentacles, initially involving Joie and Ed, and which concentrated on the electronic/synthesized elements of the studio-produced music of the band. Early influences seem to include the Berlin School, Tim Blake, Roger Powell, Steve Hillage, Todd Rundgren's mid-70s albums and more, shaped into a suitable ambience for both home listening and club chill-out sessions, though the latter term only seems to have come into use after the rave movement saw there was a demand for an area where people could relax and take a break from dancing.

The Nodens played occasional live sets, one (their first?) at St Mark's Church in Deptford, South London on the 9th of May 1987. Playing upstairs were the reformed Pink Fairies and others, but a lot of people seemed to want to spend their evening downstairs in the basement experiencing Nodens Ictus, and they were well rewarded for their choice by a fine set.

Ed with one of his favourite synths of the time, the 'Proone'

I remember spending most of the gig lounging around on a well-worn sofa at the back of the stage, from where I took some fairly dodgy photos over the shoulders of the players and snapped a few of the audience as well. I recognise a few of the usual suspects - maybe you were there as well...?

 St Mark's audience

It took some effort to peel myself off the sofa to leave at chucking-out time but I did get to see Twink (obviously him, as he was wearing a leather jacket with his name on it) from the Fairies loading his drums into the back of a van and wondered just what I'd missed upstairs.

 Side One: The Grove Of Selves / Aerial Procession / To Occur In A Forest / The Melding Of The Mythical Minds / Way Of The Wind / Sarukwa
 Side Two: The Gong Of Ra / Somewhere Indian / Miasma / Banging Bones / Long Musick / Bouncing In The Important Countryside

Tape rip @320kbps from an original cassette as two side-long tracks 
Get it HERE

Ed, Joie, Jane and candle at St Mark's Church

A belated CD release came out in 2000 called 'Spacelines' featuring a few of the tracks from this tape and adding others, some recorded with Merv Pepler.