Sunday, 6 March 2011

From the Top Drawer VIII - The Oroonies

Featuring another Oroonies tape today, this one is their second release called 'Like Yeast We Rise', which continues their lo-fi excursions into pagan spacerock and twisted folk-influenced fantasias. This dates from around 1986. In due course I shall be posting the rest of the five cassettes I have.

Members passing through the band included Dave "Boris" Jones (guitar, vocals), Tanya Horn (bass, drums), Russ "Ron" Stanley (guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica, drums), Gary "Geek" Wagstaff (bass, saxophone), Joie Hinton (keyboards), Jane "Breda" Harwood (flute, whistle), Jo Harvey (violin, viola), & Merv Pepler (percussion). The band later morphed into the Cheapsuit Oroonies to follow a more acoustic-based direction.

Thanks goes out to the compiler of this page for the info (which also has an attempted discography)


Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Download HERE

'He comes, he comes...!'
And so will you when you get worshipping and be part of the Pandemic.


  1. groovy pops! been wanting to hear this for years! looking foward to the others...

  2. You're very welcome - have you got this one?

  3. yes thanks - i've got this on cassette - always meant to get round to buying the others but didnt manage before bdd went down the pan - presumably there's a suitcase full of these languishing in somebody's attic

  4. Yes, shame about Better Days, think it was someone from the Oroonies themselves that ran the mail order, not sure why they packed it in. Always a good place to get those obscurities - thanks for stopping by, there will be more...

  5. I have that suitcase.

  6. 'Anonymous said...

    I have that suitcase.'

    Let's see it, dude...