Thursday, 22 September 2011

Return of Wastrels of the Week

OK, not an obvious choice for WOTW, and I don't know about 'Everybody being high on consolation' but I reckon that Daryl and John here (and almost certainly the video director) look like they had been doing some serious partying beforehand.

Long before their clean cut makeover and run of hits such as 'Maneater' and 'Kiss On My List', it seems the guys liked to 'express their uniqueness' with some interesting ideas about hairstyles, shoes and the way you play a guitar break.

'She's Gone' comes from the 1973 Abandoned Luncheonette album, released the year before War Babies which was produced and played on by Todd Rundgren and featured some of Utopia as the backing band. Any serious Todd fans who haven't yet checked out that album are really missing out as the Runt managed to conjure up some major psychedelic rock and soul moments from the musicians...some might say it's as much Todd's album as Hall & Oates'.

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