Friday, 28 October 2011

Hit or Myth?

Today the first of the predictions for the end of the Mayan Calendar comes to fruition with the arrival of 13 Ahau, the end of all the Seventh Days and the end of the ninth and final Universal Underworld, according to the system promoted by Swedish scientist Carl Johan Calleman. Calleman has never claimed that any great Earth shifts are due to occur, no pole shifts, seismic quakes or astronomical alignments, but has been focused on the transformation of consciousness that this date supposedly marks, an end to duality and the start of a Unity consciousness for this planet, the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation.
'Beginning with the Big Bang he believes creation has continued through a series of waves, each one a factor of 20 times shorter in duration than the one preceding it. Each wave has driven the structure of the universe to a higher level. The first wave drove the creation of physical matter, the second living cells, the third multicellular life, the fourth organisms living in family groups, the fifth, saw humans in tribal groups, and the sixth in national groups. The seventh wave encompasses human awareness of the whole planet, and the eighth awareness of our place in the galactic structure. The final wave, the ninth and shortest of all, began on 8 March 2011 and will complete along with all the others on 28 October 2011, sees awareness of the whole of the cosmos achieved. Rather than the series ending with an Apocalypse he describes it as the completion of the creation process of the Universe. The way will then be open to the full realisation of conciousness at its highest level which he terms "Unity conciousness".' Wikipedia
This would be rather like the stepping up in activity of the corpus callosum tract of fibres between the two hemispheres of our brains, facilitating an increase in the communication between the rational and creative areas of our cognitive abilities. Translated into global political terms this would mark the coming together of the collectivism of the East and the individualism of the West into a more co-operative synthesis of the two. Calleman's basic answer to the question of what will happen on or after this date would be 'that the universe attains its highest quantum state and creates a new stage for life'.

 CJC - 'I see three possible alternatives that may follow after the universe has attained its highest state: The first, and most dramatic alternative, is that all waves - as well as the tzolkin cycle - come to an end. This would likely mean an abrupt end to all future energetic regulation of our lives and actions and a sort of freedom shock. Life would be lived fully moment by moment by moment and each moment would be an eternity that would not be organically linked to other moments. The second alternative, which I am currently leaning towards, is that the waves end, after having accomplished their evolutionary purposes, but the tzolkin continues to provide some energetic background variation. This would still mean living moment by moment without any waves directing our evolution, but a daily variation of tzolkin energies could prevent us from experiencing life as completely timeless. The third alternative is that not only the tzolkin, but also the nine creation waves (Underworlds) continue indefinitely and the total of peaks and valleys not limited to thirteen. This would still mean that we would no longer be subordinated to directed processes going from seed to mature fruit, but it would not mean that life would be like an eternal now. Rather, all the waves that are currently driving our evolution would continue after the attainment of unity consciousness, but really without any end.
Either one of them would mean the end to directed evolution and the freedom to just be. Maybe it is because they hear this call from the “future” that, despite the concurrent presence of some negative omens at the current time, I find a noticeable group of people who at this very time are coming home to themselves and are truly beginning to appreciate life exactly the way it is. Maybe after all there is a shift to unity consciousness going on and that the universe is now starting to allow us to just be whatever we are.'
 So must Carl now bow out from public view with as much dignity as he can, or will all/something of the story he has supported come to pass? Will he be just the first of those prophets who will be looking for new memes to propagate after 2011 and 2012 come to pass and if no discernible change happens? Are all these predictions a load of bollocks...? Of course the process may not be noticeable at first, merely the start of a gradual one, and everybody has a duty to bring what they really want into their own lives, not simply to rely on external forces.
 Time, if there is any more to be had of it, will tell us.

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