Friday, 9 December 2011

From the Top Drawer XXIX - Another Green World

Taking a name and much inspiration from the minimalism of Brian Eno's 1975 same titled album, and evolving around founder and constant member keyboard/synthesist Paul Chousmer, Another Green World is a pioneering act which from the early 1980s has been supplying music to quiet spaces which have now become known as 'chill-out' rooms at many club events and meditative relaxation areas at festivals in the UK and beyond.

WOMAD '96 - A G W playing the Whirl-Y-Gig stage

Paul had been involved with acts such as Vane and Webcore before branching out into a simultaneous parallel existence on his own, most often with collaborator sax player Dan Carpenter but also other guests. They performed at events such as the Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trips, Club Dog, The Crypt in Deptford and many underground events in London and elsewhere. A.G.W. later recorded for the Magick Eye label and have also been much in demand to contribute tracks to ambient chill-out compilation albums on many labels.

Here we have the first cassette dating from their early period called 'My Dreams In Your Hands' which had a release in 1984 on the Cornwall-based A Real Kavoom label.
No track titles are given on the artwork, relax and let your imagination roam where it will...

Ripped as two side-long tracks from an original tape @320kbps
Download a copy HERE


  1. Another classic from BITD.....thanks for posting :-)

  2. You're welcome pOoTer.
    I also have AGW's 'Boondocks' which I'll be posting in due course.