Monday, 23 January 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXII - Ozric Tentacles

I'm feeling lazy after having to re-post all my links so no new rip this time, but here's one that I did some time ago and which has been knocking around on eMule for a while.
It's my own recording from an FM stereo tuner onto a TDK chrome cassette in September 1992.

The Ozrics were invited to take part in the 'In The City' Music Convention in Manchester that month and played a set at Manchester University on Monday evening the 14th September 1992. Mark Goodier's show on BBC Radio One was covering many of the bands involved including the Ozrics, and it's his voice that introduces them. Mark Radcliffe (then hosting his own weekly hour-long garage punk and psychedelia show 'Out On Blue Six') was briefly interviewed about his support for the band and features in a short clip also included in the archive.

 - Erpland
 - White Rhino Tea
 - Dots Intro/Dissolution (The Clouds Disperse)
 - Kickmuck

Ripped as one mp3 at 320kbps for your delectation.
Ed's guitar is a bit low in the mix to start with, but then gets a better deal as the first track gets underway, and there's quite a bit of FM compression overkill before the sound settles down. Enjoy this gem from when the band were getting their first serious media coverage in the UK. Yes, they were actually quite fashionable media darlings for a while and had regular reviews and articles written about them!
It's a shame there isn't more, but this is all that was broadcast that night.
Dedicated to Roly.

Download HERE

 (All pictures taken from Melody Maker issues published in 1993)


  1. U star!!! Saw em a few times that year!!

  2. Thanks - shame there wasn't more broadcast. I suppose it's possible that the BBC still have the whole Ozrics set somewhere in their archives.

  3. Aye, I often wonder what the beeb must have in the archives, makes the mind boggle!!
    Massive thanks for the time and effort tho, wonderful site and some really important music being saved from being lost!!
    [ps - I have ex-ozrics Jon and Zia performing in my dance tent this may in their wonderful regeneration into ZubZub, check em out if you get a mo!!]

  4. @Anon Jan 29
    Thanks for your thoughts and good luck with your adventures under canvas.