Tuesday, 13 March 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXV - The Ullulators

Back with the Ullulators again, as I know there have been requests for this particular tape. As well there might be, for in my opinion it represents the very best of their 1980s output.

Dating from 1989 (?) or thereabouts this album reflects more of a band effort than on previous recordings and a number of tracks such as 'Special Brew', 'Golden Soldier', and 'S.M.I.L.E.' were audience favourites at live shows.

A potent combination of spacerock, dub, electronica, reggae and Eastern-tinged inspired psychedelia presented in many shapes and forms.

  Side One: Pooja Dub/Special Brew/EE-A Whoppa Amu Hé/Jammu-Tawi Express/S.M.I.L.E/In A Space/In Plaited Hair You Hid The Flow Of Ganges Foam!/We All Love The Same Girl/Things Moving About Outside/Mangonian Pop Musik/Ajos Amour
  Side Two: Duck Nipples/Buttering The Guttering/Agape Dub/It's A Beautiful Thing/Honey, The Milk/Hinayn/Golden Soldier/Quiche Alaha/Harmal Radio

Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks - download a copy HERE


I believe that remasters of the early Ullulators catalogue will soon be available in digital format, probably a 2CD compilation of the best tracks chosen by Gavin and hand tweaked from the original tapes in his own studio. I'll let readers of the blog know when I discover that they're ready to go - until then, enjoy the tape rips...

(The Ullulators are on Facebook!)


  1. Oh man, the sound of a thousand trips... So glad you posted this, my old copy has stretched beyond listening point. No a whole new audience can gear the definitive version of Special Brew...


  2. or now even... damn these funny cigarettes

  3. Nice one, thanks for giving us another helping of Ull...
    I'm sure I read somewhere that Gavin was remastering the first three tapes in full as 3 cd's , not a compilation. Either way we will be in for a treat, there's some great sounds in there.

  4. Dr Wommm, you're most welcome. Got a light...?

    Anon, I think what format the remasters will eventually take is still undecided, but it may well end up being a 2CD set of the best quality recordings from the tapes. Only Gavin knows...;~)

  5. Thanks you so much for sharing this!

  6. Favourite album...still looking for original cassette...although I got a batch from ebay that looked suspiciously like the seller had just taped some mp3s and photocopied the cover - the original was a colour cover (purple or lilac?)

    Hinayn and Golden Soldier get heavy rotation.

  7. Cheers Beechwoods and Matthew.

    My copy, as you can see from the pic, is the original item, the label even hand written by Gavin himself. The paper cover was always plain black and white, probably a photocopy even then...(?)
    Luckily the iron oxide on the tape hasn't worn off too badly which can be a big problem with these ageing cassettes.

  8. So happy to find Monads of Mangonia plus some other excellent stuff here on your blog HD that I haven't heard for years, many I had on tape myself once upon a time. I remember seeing the Ullulators at the Fayre for a Hare in the mid eighties, one of my favourite bands of the free festivals. many thanx, Nick

    1. Thank you Nick, very pleased to read comments such as yours and to be able to be of some service to good folk such as yourself.