Friday, 6 April 2012

From the Top Drawer XXXVI - Eden

Another cassette issued by the Cornwall-based A Real Kavoom label, here's the second solo release from Webcore/Zuvuya bassist and multi-instrumentalist Phil Pickering a.k.a. Eden. A personal odyssey mainly recorded on 4 track portastudio, 'Re-Member' features a mix of experimental tracks and melodic songs.

'My Shoes' was re-recorded by Webcore for their 1987 self-titled vinyl release and 'Not Sinking Junk' brings to mind that band's mysterious sound collages on their first tape release 'Cinematography' from 1984. Flanged bass and guitars, synths, drum machines and vocal style all recall the moods and dreams of the early 1980s, though they still retain a wistful charm today.

SIDE ONE: HiTiEiTi / Time Out Shout / My Shoes / Abba Abba / How Now Brown Cow

SIDE TWO: I Just Rejoice / Close To The Mark / Not Sinking Junk / Above My Head

Ripped from an original cassette @320kbps as two side-long tracks.

Get it HERE


  1. i'm really looking fwd to hearing this one!!! cheers for another wonderful post :))) xx

  2. As ever DH, many thanks for commenting and hope you enjoy the rip.

  3. Nice one....thanks as always :-)