Friday, 29 June 2012

Ozric Tentacles - High Park fire

Sad news recently from the Ozric Tentacles camp - on Friday 22nd June 2012 the home in Colorado of Ed, Brandi and Silas Wynne was burnt to the ground due to being in the path of a major wildfire (video here) and most of their belongings were lost with it. Happily the Wynnes themselves were not injured in any way as they had enough warning from local services to evacuate. They had returned home from playing dates in Europe to find that they had been given an hour to vacate the property and did their best to grab anything valuable and make their way to safety.

They heroically managed to play a gig at the Midsummer Meltdown in Pennsylvania on 23rd June but by then it seems that their home & property had gone.

More from Brandi on the Ozrics message board -
Hi All,
We can not thank you enough for your kind words and concern during this difficult time.
On this solstice, Friday, June 22nd, 2012, our lovely mountain Erpland burnt to the ground, taking with it all of our archives, photos, masters, studio equipment, artwork, a ton of instruments, the list goes on and on.
We were really having fun making those posh re-releases with all kinds of new images and bonus material, but all that is going to be a lot harder to find now. I was thinking to maybe open a P.O. Box, where if people have old photos or recordings or various other mementos collecting dust they think we should have, then perhaps they could send them on when they have the time. We have created this email account:
 for anyone who wants to send messages, digi images, or audio even (though it probably won't accept large files, but it's at least a contact for a start to open up some ideas), ...or any information on building houses, preferably sustainable, or anything at all that that they feel they would want to pass on to brighten the day be it a joke, or advice, or to advise us that they have any studio gear they are getting rid of, we're going need to buy a few things . . . !

Communication is quite difficult at the moment, we are kind of all over the place, things should settle down in a bit, but maybe not for a week or two, I'll try to keep checking in but the amount of questions I have to answer this week is quite over-whelming especially after not getting to come home after the tour, we're STILL tired from that ! =)

For all the locals in FoCo our friend Kyle from "Good Gravy" is putting on a charity benefit show for High Park Fire refugees this Friday evening, all proceeds go to rebuilding homes for those who have lost them.

Still shocked but alive. . .love & light ~ brandi x x (& ed & silas) 
My own association with Ed and the band goes back to seeing them for the first time in 1984 at Stonehenge and I have many happy and hazy memories of times spent with whoever was currently in the band at those early gigs and social occasions, so this is pretty upsetting. My sympathies and best wishes go out to Ed, Brandi and Silas - anyone who wants to express their own feelings should write care of the above email address.


  1. Completely devastating for the Wynnes. Also, the loss of much of the archives is terrible for fans. Hopefully, some of the material is out there somewhere with old timers...?

  2. video link is dead, could you please add a new one

    1. Sorry anon, I have no idea of where to find a copy of this video now.