Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

Have some of this...;-)


  1. Hi and hey! What an awesome thing you've got going here! I stumbled upon it whilst [unsuccessfully] trying to hunt down the first 'Ring' cassette. What you are doing here is amazing. It is so important that the music you are making available is kept alive. For some years I've been doing a similar thing, ripping rare stuff and making it available on P2P. This is a great but more visible [and therefore more honest... let's face it, I very much doubt the artists you are promoting are going to sue you for breach of copyright!] way of doing things. I sold off most of my tapes after my tape deck died... but I mp3d a lot of it before I did so. I've got stuff by the likes of Alice's Orb, Great Imperial Yoyo, Stormclouds, Blim, etc, to name a few... I don't have the time or facility to start a site like this but would be more than willing to make them available to you if you don't have them already. I don't have the artwork for most of them though, just the mp3. Anyway, keep up the good work! And if you have the 3rd Electric Groove Temple, Ring's first and any Wobble Jaggle Jiggle... GET 'EM UP HERE!!! Thanks so much for sharing all this obscure stuff... and your text is equally entertaining :-D

  2. Thanks for your generous comments Anon, much appreciated. I'm afraid that I don't have any of those particular tapes you're looking for, in fact I'll be coming to the end of my collection from this era (1980s-early 1990s) soon - if I make it to 50 music posts I'll be lucky! I'm not really familiar with some of the acts you've mentioned. I was living in London during this period so most of the tapes I picked up were sold at the local gigs I was attending, so no doubt there were many great tapes I missed out on from elsewhere in the UK.

    If you would like to share some of the music you have yourself (hopefully they're good quality rips - 320k?) and have a filehosting account I'd be happy to link to the files from this blog with some info if you have any.

    If you're up for that I can be reached at-