Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Oroonies are Undone

Just a little reminder between my own posts that the Oroonies are offering a free download of their latest offering 'Undone' in full quality .wav format from this page -

'After a 20 year snooze, The Oroonies emerge coughing and spluttering into the light of day. Use, reuse, abuse and confuse as you will. Track Listings: Legba, His Memory is Lost, Gone Beyond, Lets Do It Together, Bodies Disappear, You Must Learn Our Signs, Kalfou, Putti Putti, Parasamgate.'

The magic still lives on...O Mighty Ones!


  1. This is great news... I'm revisiting The Woods Are Alive right now and found a link to here in a txt file in the folder...
    Amazing how well it holds up after all the piss down the toilet and the timeslips and whatnot...
    "dance dance wherever you may be..."