Sunday, 22 February 2015

From the Top Drawer LXI - Timeshard

Back with the excellent Timeshard again. (Go HERE if they're new to you.)
The title is self-explanatory - a 1996 collection of recordings of this eclectic psychedelic electronic 3-piece outfit on stage, possibly at Megadog or at their own events, not sure.

 Not giving away too much on the tape...

Side One:
Cosmic Carrot/25th Century/Reality Helmet/Zero (version 1)/Zero (version 2)

Side Two:
Psionic Lattice/Photon/God Sez No To Tomorrow/X-Ray Ears/Voodoo Chronometer

Round about 80 minutes' worth of music...ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks

Download HERE

(My scans of the cover do not do justice to the full-on pinky-orange day-glo of the original, but it seems that colours that vibrant don't scan very well!)

TimeShard - 'Arzach (Photon)'


  1. Thanks for the upload. Do you have any recordings of the Cheapsuit Oroonies?

    1. Hi George, you're welcome.
      As for the Cheapsuits, I'm afraid not, never had any of their tapes.

  2. Absolutely brilliant this, mate.
    Didn't even know it existed.!